Payments are to be made via bank transfers , we suggest to wire the money through BOA (Bank of America) or BONY (Bank of New York) as they are correspondant to our bank. It is important to avoid any cost that will be taken by intermediate bank. If there is any cost taken by intermediate bank, it will be cost on customer.

The fund that customer transfer must be full amount comes in our account.When it comes not full amount we will reduce the goods and will send them as the total amount received. Customer has to know and realize when they are doing the money transfer the intermediate banks will take an additional charges as a bank fee for transfering process.

Although a picture in JPG format via email can show a great deal, the quality of digital imaging is still not perfect. Color also varies on different monitors and graphic cards. We just hope that this service will reduce some, if not all, possible misunderstandings and make your web order experience easier and happier. Please be aware that virtually all of our bali silver products are hand made and there will be variances from item to item. Our photos are representative of the entire supply of an item but the one you receive may not be exactly as pictured. We apologize if you are disappointed; we will be happy to make exchanges or refunds at your request.
925 Sterling Silver is 92.5% parts silver and 7.5% parts alloy combined into silver jewelry.